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The Hateful Truth

Dating back to theorists like Plato and Aristotle, mankind has questioned what it means to be sovereign, as a state and as a person. What does it mean to be a society or part of one? We have been divided … Continue reading

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Actions Speak Louder than Words

…an old saying, but it’s the reason for this page.  Here’s a few we found, in no particular order: Sing petition to stop funding to the Palestinian Authority A campaign to provide basic necessities for Israeli citizens living in the … Continue reading

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This is Why the Entire Western World Must Support Israel Right Now

  Remember what happened here, in the US, during 9/11?  This is why the entire western world must support Israel right now. Click HERE to view the video that explains why we should all stand behind Israel during these hard … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Truth.

You’ve liked our page, we’ve become friends, and you follow us on Twitter.  Now, we welcome you to our blog, where we can in conjunction with social media, work on spreading the truth with and through you. Welcome.

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