The Hateful Truth

Dating back to theorists like Plato and Aristotle, mankind has questioned what it means to be sovereign, as a state and as a person. What does it mean to be a society or part of one? We have been divided by social class, ethnicity, race, gender and religion since time has told.

That divide has unfortunately brought hate and a desire for power.  Hate is a crime, crime of humanity and a crime by law. United States Congress has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

Hama’s declaration calls out for exactly that! It calls out for annihilation of Israel, a religious coexisting democracy in the Middle East, all Jewish people and in addition to speaking out against the western world.  What we are seeing now is just a piece of the puzzle in world terrorism.

Hamas by definition is the “Islamic Resistance Movement” (Arabic acronym meaning zeal). Zeal is defined as fervent or enthusiastic devotion, often extreme or fanatical in nature, as to a religious movement, political cause, ideal, or aspiration.

Hamas has proven itself to be a true zeal, motivated by religious extremism using fanatical tactics to try to achieve its goal. Israel is fighting against the terror now but what will come next if the world doesn’t open their eyes?

This isn’t an Arab/Israel issue nor is it a Muslim/Jewish issue. This is a conflict between terrorism and the free world and to remain free the world needs to starting accepting the truth!

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Actions Speak Louder than Words

…an old saying, but it’s the reason for this page.  Here’s a few we found, in no particular order:

Sing petition to stop funding to the Palestinian Authority

A campaign to provide basic necessities for Israeli citizens living in the south:

Send meals to seniors in Israel

Donate to help build bomb shelters in Israel 

Become a spiritual friend with an Israeli soldier  or text 1-240-393-4836 and they’ll assign a solider.

Two campaigns to send care packages to soldiers on the front lines: and

Two campaigns to send pizza to soldiers on the front lines: and

A campaign to send chocolate bars to lone soldiers on the front lines:

The Lone Soldier Center will be sending backpacks to lone soldiers on the front lines:

The Jaffa Institute is running summer programming for 110 children displaced from the communities of Sderot, Ofakim, and Netivot in the organization’s facilities in Bet Shemesh:

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This is Why the Entire Western World Must Support Israel Right Now


Remember what happened here, in the US, during 9/11?  This is why the entire western world must support Israel right now.

Click HERE to view the video that explains why we should all stand behind Israel during these hard times against terrorism.  What would you do if Al-Quid a was terrorizing our citizens, working to infiltrate our country, what if they killed our citizens…oh wait they did that!   Did we sit and say: “oh, that’s okay, I’m sure they didn’t mean it”?  No, we united as a country and defended our home, so why should we condemn Israel for doing the same when in actuality we should unite and stand together against terrorism?

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Welcome to the Truth.

You’ve liked our page, we’ve become friends, and you follow us on Twitter.  Now, we welcome you to our blog, where we can in conjunction with social media, work on spreading the truth with and through you.



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